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why should you choose us?
We give you the opportunity to experience telemark from its best side

Are you looking for your next dream journey? Do you dream of a quiet, relaxing holiday along one of Norway's most beautiful waterways? Or would you rather have an active and exciting holiday full of activities and new adventures? Do you love luxury and comfort? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you can stop looking further, your dream journey starts here!

Canal Boats Telemark introduces a new way to holiday by boat. Completely quiet and with a propulsion system that runs on 100% renewable energy. Holidaying with an electric boat gives you peace and quiet to focus on each other and to take in all the impressions of the wonderful nature that surrounds you.

With Canal Boats Telemark you get the best from two worlds. Treat yourself to high standard, luxury and well-being while taking care of the nature and the sea that surround you.

The waterway that stretches from Portør to Dalen is unique, where you will experience the shift from rocks and archipelago to dense forest and high mountains. Along the Telemark Canal you will also experience the spectacular locks. 

We are happy to help you plan your next vacation.

We have made it easy for you to plan your next dream vacation. Take a look Here on activities and experiences along the waterway here. Feel free to contact us by email or phone, contact info you will find Here. We are more than happy to help you make your holiday perfect for you.

just like home
Canal Boats Facilities

We offer WIFI onboard in the boat.

TV with chromecast onboard.
air condition

Air conditioning system.


The boats have 230V outlets for all equipment in the boat. 

Refrigerator & Freezer
The boats are equipped with a refrigerator and freezer.

Hot water shower onboard. 

Our Greenline boats are, amazingly,

Our Greenline boats have 100% electric propulsion.

Renewable energy: Our Greenline boats, with their solar panels and solar technology, produce their own 230V AC power

The Greenline 33 Solar model has won no less than 17 international boat, design and environmental awards, and is the boat model in the world of this size that has won the most international Boat Of The Year awards.

BELOW YOU CAN WATCH VIDEO ABOUT THE GREENLINE YACHTS COMPANY AND THEIR OWNERS (this film was made before Greenline launched 100% electric boats):

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