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Our climate focus
Why choose a boat with electric propulsion

Figures from the Statistics Norway show that the total greenhouse gas emissions from recreational boats in 2017 were 531,000 tonnes of CO2-Equivalents. In comparison, it is higher than all the fishing boats in the country (339,000), and more than all motorcycles, mopeds and snowmobiles combined (146,000)

Canal Boats Telemark wants to help you travel on a green Norwegian holiday along one of Norway's most beautiful waterways. Our boats run on 100% renewable energy.

For us at Canal Boats Telemark, our climate focus is extremely important to us and we want this to be reflected in everything we do. 

Based on this, we at Canal Boats Telemark have made some deliberate choices.

Below we have summarized all the environmental benefits of choosing togo on holiday with one of our electric boats. We have also gathered some hints on how you can contribute to a cleaner planet:

  • Our boats are zero-emissioned vessels that run on 100% electricity  
  • Our boats are equipped with solar panels on the roof providing power to all equipment in the boat. That way, you can lie for a long time at sea without a power supply from land or that you have to use a noisy and polluting diesel generator. 
  • We have therefore chosen an antifouling called copper coating. Coppercoating won the international environmental award in 2011. This antifouling paint has a durability of at least 10 years and provides minimal peeling to nature. You can read more about copper coating here.
  • To minimize polluting emissions, we have chosen that in addition to sewage, we also collect dishwashing water and shower water in a separate container.
  • Boat noise can have a number of negative effects on fish. It can alter their activity, force them to live in poor habitats and reduce their ability to feed, defend their territory, reproduce and avoid predators. Electric boats make much less noise than the roar of an engine that runs on fossil fuel, that way the fish will also be better off if you choose a boat with electric propulsion 
  • We also encourage all our customers to be good at picking up rubbish after themselves when on holiday along the Telemark Canal and the coast of Telemark. 
  • Unfortunately, there is a lot of rubbish that we humans have thrown in the archipelago and on the beaches, among other places. Maybe you can make a fun competition about who manages to pick up most rubbish in 2 hours?
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