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Rui is beautifully located up in the mountains overlooking the Valley. To Rui you can walk from the center of Dalen, it is steep, but the road up is nice with steady stairs and several rest points along the way. The road up is about 1.5km. Rui lived with two little sisters.


Ulefoss Hovedgaard

Take a tour of the delightful surroundings. Ulefoss Hovedgaard is considered to be the most important architectural work of the Empire in Norway. The building is located on a hill north of the Ulefoss locks lock facility. The main farm is open to the public in June, July and August.

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Gunnarsholmen kystfort

Just outside Kragerø is Gunnarsholmen. In 1808, the English frigate "Tarter" tried to invade the town, but it was driven away by the cannons of the fort. The cannons on Gunnarsholmen are now only fired on May 17th. The fort has been restored to its original form. Here you will also find great swimming opportunities, a large salt water pool, a sandy beach, a lawn, a slide, service facilities and a kiosk.